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I don’t hike like that, but I guess it was better than nothing πŸ‘Œ
I don’t believe in sleeps anymore. 

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Pick-ups from this last two weeks! πŸ“
Pick-ups from this last two weeks!  πŸ“
That Seattle day πŸ“
Happy Father’s Day dad. I know you love your colognes and stuff and I grabbed you this one because it’s unique and bold like you, other than it smelling really good! And it’s called vintage black, the only color our family can rock… Hope you like it 😁
Just looking at the gloomy ass day gives me anxiety. I mean I’m not a sunny ass person but I sure didn’t claim that I’m a rainy weather girl either πŸ˜’
@zenavo why do you have such beauty…. Spare some of goodies and some of that C cup of yours πŸ™Œ please. Amen. 
Photo credit: @hapigummys_life
Fo’shizzle my nizzle, up in my hizzle.
Been stuck like this for 7 minutes now. #TrafficYouUglyAsFuck
The sun actually felt good today 🌞
I seriously wish I’m not as sick so I could dress up :/ ohhhhh myyyyyyy #lord
My @wickedviolet be looking bomb putting on dat lip lip tho πŸ˜—πŸ’„
I feel like shit 😭 but why looking bad for when you could look good πŸ˜‰ #limecrime #salem